Welcome to Women in tourism Tasmania!

We invite you to be part of Women in Tourism Tasmania (WITT).
WITT  was founded to provide support, mentoring and networking opportunities to all women in the tourism industry in Tasmania.

WITT, part of an international association, was launched in September 2009.

WITT holds bi monthly events throughout the year to enable women working,studying in the tourism industry to come together, network and to make new friends and business contacts.

Annually we sponsor a worthwhile cause or charity.

Our past fund raising efforts have assisted BreastScreen Tasmania (2010) and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary’s school curriculum program on the Tasmanian Devils and our endangered Tasmanian Species (2011-2012).

In 2013 WITT will sponsor a student scholarship to encourage Tasmanian women to continue their Advanced Diploma tourism/hospitality studies at Drysdale.

We look forward to you being able to join us at one of our events soon and/or becoming a member.


Yours in tourism,
The Committee of Women in Tourism Tasmania

Physical security with Automatic Gates Sydney

Physical security with Automatic Gates Sydney

When we want to keep our families and personal property safe, the most important consideration is ensuring their physical security for a variety of reasons. First, the peace-of-mind that an investment in one’s physical security can produce is a great way to feel secure about the safety of one’s person, his or her loved ones, and the continued security of that person’s property. It is said that the most critical step to improving one’s well being is to ensure that one’s need for security has been met. Making a prudent choice and selecting Automatic Gates Sydney at rapidautomatic.com.au to alleviate one’s worries is an excellent decision.

Second, a quality installation such as that offered by Automatic Gates Sydney can make a substantial improvement to the property value of one’s holdings. This is evidenced by the premium that future buyers pay when given the opportunity to acquire property that has been improved and secured through means such as those on offer by Automatic Gates Sydney. Consider the experience of the property buyer who makes a substantial investment in a given parcel. The aforementioned buyer knows that security is one of the most valuable commodities that another buy would look for in a property, further increasing the value of Automatic Gates Sydney for the resale value the next time the property is transferred.

Finally, the most tangible benefit that Automatic Gates Sydney can provide for the property owner is the convenience that this technology affords. Having to leave a vehicle to open a lock, drive through a gate, and exit the vehicle to lock the gate behind the entrant again is a cumbersome, outdated, time-consuming process. The automatic nature of the gate provides the owner of the property and those utilizing it with an unmatched level of convenience when compared to traditional manual gates.

The Best of Melbourne’s Office Fit Outs

The Best of Melbourne’s Office Fit Outs

Office fit outs Melbourne companies provide the best strategies and defined objectives when you want to renovate your office or moving to a new one. These companies are always in a position to advise you concerning your office space in line with your business plan. Office fit outs Melbourne companies come in handy when a client is moving to a new office, and would it if the new office would serve as a source of morale boost, which leads to improved productivity. As a result, office fit outs Melbourne companies provide a sketch plan based on the needs of a client within 48 hours of requesting for an office fit out. In addition, the sketch plan comes with alternatives the client can choose from. 

Office fit outs Melbourne companies also provide indicative budgets that clients can use when planning for office fit outs. These budgets also help the companies to develop a condition report that highlights the potential tenancies of the project. These tenancies are normally presented in bullet form to make them easier to understand and follow throughout the project. Office fit outs Melbourne companies have an obligation of providing the plan as well as approvals and permits to the client before starting the construction process. This also shows that for office fit outs, experience is important. 

Other services that Kontract Interiors office fitouts Melbourne companies offer include status update on air conditioning, lifts, lighting, heating and other mechanical features of the office fit out. The client is also advised as to whether the floors allow weight loading and to which extent. Office fit outs Melbourne companies also advise the client on the type of carpet to buy for the floor the business wants to put on its offices. Office fit outs Melbourne companies also advise clients on when and where to buy the best materials for the project, how to get incentives as well as the current market rates for materials.

How A Promotional USB Can Make An Impact

How A Promotional USB Can Make An Impact

Promotional materials come in all shapes and sizes. The truth is that even a promotional USB can make a big difference when it comes down to it. It is an unusual choice when it comes to advertising materials, and that is exactly what makes it so powerful. 

When creating a promotional USB at http://www.promotionalusbdrive.com.au/ it is the best choice to put the logo and the company’s color on the promotional USB as well. That is something that people can see and relate to right off the bat. Therefore, these are the elements that one needs to put on the USB. 

Admittedly, a USB is a small piece of equipment, but there are plenty of materials of the same or smaller sizes. Therefore, the USB may be something that stands out better than other items. 

The cost value of this type of advertising material is a lot better than what a lot of other advertising materials. They do not cost nearly as much as a tote bag or the like, but they still get the same message across. 

A promotional USB is definitely the right choice if one is a technology company. Then the marketing piece and the company are one in the same. A piece of technology representing a technology company? That is the type of combination play that all marketers are looking for. 

Keep in mind that such products can be custom designed to say whatever you would like. It is typically a good idea to keep the text on the piece to a minimum so that the font may be large enough to easily be seen. That being said, a catchy phrase or something that will stick out in the minds of users is also a good idea. There are so many great opportunities like this, and many more should take advantage of them.

Things to Know About Computer Repairs Melbourne Professionals

Things to Know About Computer Repairs Melbourne Professionals

Many people are now using computer repairs Melbourne companies because of the fact that this allows them to save lots of money and not have to do the job themselves. Without computer repairs Melbourne experts helping you with repairing a computer or laptop, you may be the one who is left doing the repair work on your own. If you know nothing about computers, this can be a major problem that you face each and every single day. Instead of trying to repair the machine yourself, remember that there are experts out there who can help you out with this type of thing.

The fact that you can hire 1300 FIX NOW computer repairs Melbourne companies when you need them the most is a way for you to avoid the overall expense of having to replace the machine and make sure that it is running the way that it should. You might be tempted to buy a whole new machine, but computer repairs Melbourne pros are available around the clock to help you out and get the job done. You will find that this is one of the very best ways to avoid having to buy something that is going to be brand new for you.

You will love that computer repairs Melbourne companies are also affordable and will not charge a lot of money to repair the machine at hand. Instead of buying a brand new computer or laptop, it might just be a good idea to bring it to a local computer repairs Melbourne store so that they can repair it all for you. The fact that these experts are there to assist you in any way that they can will help you to feel more confident in getting the repair work done and making sure that you have a computer that is going to last you for a very long time.